PatentHammer™ is a group of highly experienced engineers and scientists skilled in identifying, locating, and obtaining prior art for defensive use in intellectual property disputes.

About PatentHammer

Our Services

PatentHammerâ„¢ is unique and sought after, because we produce results when no one else can.

Our efforts are based on an extensive network of professional contacts, unique archival access, and a field-proven search and retrieval methodology. We are part Chief Engineer, part Principal Investigator, and part Philip Marlowe.

In the present day, the majority of IP search efforts are ‘Net-centric. That’s useful for matters whose origin is within the last decade. There are a huge number of previous writings and implementations, however, which are not found online nor in libraries, and which, in fact, may still exist in only a few places. More…

Our People

We are based in the Boston area. Many of our associates hold advanced degrees from MIT, RPI and Stanford. Almost all are active in industrial R&D or applied research activities, either in New England or California. Virtually all hold at least an engineering-related master’s degree and have at least 20 years experience. We also maintain good parallel contacts in the EU, Asia, and Australia.

Our people have designed and built everything from large telecomm satellites to medical information systems.

Our Areas of Practice

  • Wireless and Telecomm: WiFi, Bluetooth, handsets, satellites
  • “Wireless” and RF devices: applications from CW to OFDM; DC to daylight.
  • Wireless and Networked Messaging: PDAs, IM, e-mail/v-mail
  • Software apps and firmware from mouse driver to OS.
  • Data Storage: RAID, flash, hardware, software and systems
  • Vehicles: electric, PV, internal combustion
  • Due Diligence and Technology Evaluation
  • Automotive engine controls and instrumentation
  • Biomedical devices and instrumentation, HIS, LIS-related databases
  • Computing machines: PICs, micros, minis, mainframes wearable
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting sensors, systems and networks
  • Process control and instrumentation
  • IP-enabled sensors and systems
  • Financial information systems and real-time trading systems
  • Security systems

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